Methods of Creating Online Casino Prototypes

When developing a website, one of the first steps is usually to create a prototype to show its detailed structure. Some developers start with the simplest way which is to sketch it on paper. But the more complex the website is, the more demanding tools become necessary to create the prototype.

Online Casinos such as are designed well and was surely prototyped before it was greenlit for development.

There are many different ways to create prototypes for any website, including online casinos. This article provides different methods of creating prototypes for online casinos.

Creating Prototypes with Professional Apps

There are dozens of specialized apps for full-scale websites including sketch, Axure Pro, Microsoft Visio, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop. Using one of these apps can provide a professional look but also allows one to visualize the elements of the interface and ideas.

Creating prototypes for online casinos on professional apps may be expensive but worth it in the end. The client will know it’s professionally done and get a proper feel for the look of the online casino website.

Creating Prototypes with Online Tools

One of the biggest advantages of using web services for prototyping an online casino website is that it’s easy to use while still adding a professional look to the prototype. Online casinos have many elements involved in making the website attractive to their clients.

Paper or Whiteboard Prototyping

Sometimes even professionals start a prototype with a draft on paper or a whiteboard. Drawing a rough sketch can provide help with overseeing the overall vision before jumping into a clean copy of a website.

Although this is an easy approach, it also has its drawbacks and thus make it impossible to use as the only method in creating a prototype.

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