Top Design Consulting Firms

There are many high-quality design consultancy firms all around the globe. Innovation consulting firms are also a widely used term for design consulting. This article provides information on some of the most astonishing and well-established design consultancy firms.


R/GA is a full-service digital agency. Its main office is in New York City and has offices in 18 more countries. R/GA has a serious focus on staying at the forefront of technology and it clearly shows in the quality of their work. They have some of the biggest clients a consulting firm can dream of including YouTube and Nike.


This design consulting firm operates from New York. They stand for the simple and quality aspects of design consulting and provides some of the most necessary services in design to some intricate big brand designs. They are famous for helping to perfect and simplify tax forms for the IRS. Some of their biggest clients include Disney, Pfizer, and Microsoft.


Firstborn was founded in 1997 in New York City. They are known for providing first-rate services to large companies such as Mountain Dew, Bloomberg, Loreal, and Pepsi. They believe in helping their customers realize the full potential of being active in a modern market and moving at the pace of culture and focus on craft, design, and creativity.

Fantasy Interactive

Fantasy Interactive has a deep focus on user interfaces. The firm is known to also be working with artificial intelligence and operating systems. Whether designing an app or building a website, Fantasy Interactive can provide exceptional design services and advice to getting the image a company deserves.


IDEO is committed to making a positive impact. IDEO works quietly but with global power. They tackle major challenges such as education and healthcare. The company comes from a 3-company merger and is stationed in Palo Alto, CA.

Brand New School

Brand New School is a creative design and production studio working with interactive media in the form of videos, ads, and music. They have offices in both California and New York. Some of their biggest clients include Apple, Nike, and Google. They are famous for launching the imagery for Google’s more recent phones.

These design consulting firms can provide companies with the best design and consulting services to realize and achieve their full potential and strive for the ultimate success.

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